Batch #2 Startups

πŸŽ‰ We are super proud to work with these amazing teams & founders in the next 6 months. πŸŽ‰


Basic butler

BasicButler reinvents shopping of men’s underwear by making it shopping-free. Based on personal style profiles the shopping service sends out individually curated boxes with a mix of t-shirts, pants and socks where the buyer decides what to buy and what to send back.

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TourScanner is the 1st meta-search engine for tours and travel activities, currently aggregating the largest catalogue in the world (500k+ activities in 155 countries). TourScanner is now working on improvements to the UI and price comparison, which will be live at the beginning of June. The international team is based in Lisboa.



Localyze is an all-female tech startup with a revolutionary product for international mobility: A SaaS relocation offering that supports expats with personalized information during the full relocation process. The development of the product is currently in full swing.



Gasido is a digital B2B-platform for purchasing industrial gases. Customers get a direct overview about locally available products. Prices are transparent and conditions follow a standardized approach. Industry specific processes are integrated and customers can buy the gases directly 24/7.

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Koop is developing a free-to-use, trustable and convenient B2B networking experience for small business owners. Koop will make small businesses directly accessible to third parties, cutting out the middleman. As a specialized network, Koop enables its' users to bundle demand for common purchases, exchange knowledge, make business with each other or with third parties seeking access to this very fragmented market.



SummerFoot is a natural beauty products company, committed to delivering lasting results with affordable, healthy solutions to enhance and preserve natural beauty. SummerFoot is live since last summer and currently selling 80 units per day. The team believes that beautiful, healthy skin starts from the treatment and care you give to yourself.